Rehabilitative Services


Our team of highly skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapists design customized treatment programs that are physician directed to improve each patient's maximum level of function. Our therapists work with patients of all ages and with all types of medical conditions. Our therapists provide guidance not only to patients but to their family members as well.


Physical Therapy Services:


Our Physical Therapists treat all types of disorders of the musculoskeletal system caused by disease, injury, or congenital defect. Typically, we develop a customized home exercise program that the patient can continue to use after discharge. Improvement of a patient's balance is accomplished through gait training and adaptive equipment. This results in improved safety in the home and allows the patient to remain in the home independently.


Occupational Therapy:


Our team of Occupational Therapists helps improve the patient's ability to perform activities of daily living after an illness or injury. Occupational Therapists identify the need for adaptive equipment and instruct the patient and family on usage and training. Occupational Therapists also work with individuals with cognitive or visual problems, helping them regain independence.


Speech Therapy:


Our Speech Therapists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of speech/language disorders that may result from illness, injury, or congenital conditions. Speech Therapists can help a patient regain lost abilities in speaking, writing, listening and comprehension, and frequently work with children with delayed speech skills with the ultimate goal of speaking at an age-appropriate level. All Heart Home Care provides treatment to children with speech therapy needs as early as 1 year of age and through adulthood.


Low Vision Program:


This program is designed to permit a low-vision patient to remain in the home safely. By utilizing special techniques, our team of highly trained therapists teaches patients how to safely maneuver their home environment and perform activities of daily living safely and effectively with minimal risk of injury.


Fall Risk Program:


This program is designed to identify the risk of fall and injury in the home. Our nursing staff and/or therapists identify the risk of injury in the home upon assessment on the first visit. If there are risk factors the nurse or therapists will work with the patient, family and the physician to add adaptive equipment, and educate the patient and family on safety techniques to ensure a safe environment for you or your loved one.