Specialty Programs


All our specialty programs are customized, physician-directed programs designed to care for with individuals with special needs. Our skilled team of nurses and therapists work to educate patients about their disease processes and prevent an exacerbation of the condition, therefore preventing rehospitalization. With a focus on medication education, nutritional counseling, and emotional support, our programs often enable patients to live longer, fuller lives.


Cardiac Program:

Designed for post-surgical cardiac patients or patients who have recently experienced a heart attack, this program focuses on cardiac rehabilitation, nutritional support, medication education, risk factors, and teaches patients when to seek early medical intervention.


Stroke Recovery Program:

This program is designed to help patients regain maximum function after experiencing a stroke. Customized for each patient, this may include Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy.


Wound Care Management:

Our team of wound care specialists are highly trained to treat all types of wounds including pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, and traumatic wounds. It is essential to prevent infection and encourage healing by ensuring a clean wound environment, proper wound care interventions, and nutritional support.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Management:

Our trained clinicians work with patients with COPD, which includes chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema, improving their quality of life through self management, medication, education, and early intervention skills.


Diabetes Management:

Our Diabetes Management program was developed on the basis of national standards set by the American Diabetes Association, and provides nutritional support and education regarding diabetes, insulin, and other medications. We teach self-management techniques needed to control diabetes and the acute and chronic conditions associated with it.


Post-Surgical Management Program:

This Program is designed to help patients regain their functional independence and achieve the best clinical outcome possible. Our protocols allow patients to recover at home with the assurance that their post-operative care needs are being met by highly professional clinicians in accordance with their physician's orders and nationally recognized standards of care.


Psychiatric Nursing Program:

Our specialized psychiatric nurses are highly skilled to address the wide range of mental and emotional challenges people may encounter in society today. Through detailed clinical and mental assessments, the nurse works closely with the patient, family, and physician to help the patient live a safe and productive life and remain compliant with their medication regimen.


Infusion Services:

Our team of nurses is highly skilled in administering a wide range of intravenous infusions in the home, which decreases the length of hospital stays.